MIUI 8 ROM for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

More information here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/note-4/development/miui-8-samsung-galaxy-note-4-support-t3490511

7.1.1 Karkasss Edit
Link: https://forum.xda-developers.com/sho…postcount=1014

This was the first thing I tried installing, and I appreciate the effort put in to customize the ROM and include some nice features such as VIPER and Magisk right into the ROM.
But my best advice is to just skip this ROM and go with the VIP version below- this version never quite felt “right” on my device (N910C), and I had a few issues, such as being locked out of the stock display and S-Pen settings, that led me to try flashing the VIP version.

MIUI 8 7.1.1 VIP
with Guide!
Link: https://forum.xda-developers.com/sho…85&postcount=2

This has proven to feel a lot more stable and snappy than my experience with Karkasss’s edit. Unfortunately, it requires a little more setup, since it doesn’t have everything preinstalled. You need to:

  • If you’re starting from stock, root the phone using ODIN, install TWRP recovery via Google Play Store, and make a full backup of the device before doing anything else.
  • Wipe device using TWRP Recovery
  • First flash 7.1.1 VIP ROM and then flash Patch via TWRP Recovery
  • Reboot into phone and do first-time setup
  • Turn off the phone and reboot into TWRP recovery to install Magisk (ROM should already be rooted, this will help you manage the root); You also want to install GApps (and S Health- both downloads can be found in the very first post), but I did this after another system boot to be safe.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Install Titanium Backup from Google Play Store and UNINSTALL Brevent.*
  • Reboot one more time and enjoy MIUI 8!

*Brevent, which came preinstalled with the OS, totally messed up a ton of stuff on my first flash- notifications weren’t working for most apps, some apps in Second Space were crashing, etc. Uninstalling it first thing on my second flash fixed SO many issues.

-I never was able to get the included Xposed installer to work, so I just skipped it entirely on my final flash.
-IR sensor works great with the MIUI Remote app (can be downloaded from the Google Play Store [Link])
-Fingerprint sensor isn’t even an option in settings, sadly. I’d love to see this added some day.

Helpful Links & Notes:
To boot into recovery once installed, power off phone and then hold down Vol Up, Power, and Home buttons simultaneously until the boot screen appears.
[How To] Root Guide
TWRP Recovery FAQ for Galaxy Note 4 Exynos (treltexx)
Magisk Root Manager

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